Texans are passionate about a lot of things, but when it comes to owning cats or dogs, where does the passion lie the most?

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According to Dogster, the updated pet ownership stats for 2024 revealed that, in the U.S., approximately two-thirds of households own at least one pet. Also, 58% of households in Texas alone own either a cat or dog.

Ownership rates did increase between 2020 and 2022 because, well, what else did we have to do than either add another pet or another child to our homes during that time? One of those options is a whole lot easier than the other in the long run.

Show me the dog facts

In America, it's estimated that a whopping 65 million households own at least one dog. In Texas? 43% of households own dogs with the French Bulldog taking the cake (naughty!) as most popular dog breed in The Lone Star State.

Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash
Photo by Angelos Michalopoulos on Unsplash

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Also, the average Texan reportedly owns 1.7 dogs. Let me be clear, if I show up to a friend's house and they have one normal dog and 70% of another, I'm either calling the police or "snapping" away like Thanos... or probably both.

These facts are a CATch!

As someone who adores cats, I am a little disheartened at these numbers, as about 47 million U.S. households own cats. Texas is even sadder, with only 20% of households owning at least one cat.

Cat owners in Texas do, however, prefer to own two cats, on average, if they have any in the house at all. The most popular cat breed in Texas? Persian cats take that title. You know, like Stuart Little's arch nemesis, Snowball? What a classic.

Photo by Petra Bouchalova on Unsplash
Photo by Petra Bouchalova on Unsplash

So, there you have it. As disappointing as it may seem, the disparity between cat and dog ownership in Texas is not surprising, sadly (I like dogs too, I promise). Regardless, it's always good to see households caring for these little bundles of joy, no matter the species.

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