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As the old saying goes, 'April showers bring May flowers'. Well, it's May and the showers are still happening!

I feel like I'm living back in the Pacific Northwest and Portland, OR the past couple of weeks! I know springtime is the time we typically see a good chunk of our rainfall for the year, but it seems like it has been relentlessly cloudy and rainy for the last month or so. I will admit, it does sound like I'm complaining, I know we need the rain and we'll really need it later on this summer, but I believe we all could use a break with a three or four day stretch of sunshine (with a few clouds - non rain clouds of course). But that isn't going to be the case over the next seven days.

Looking at the upcoming week, the National Weather Service has predicted a 70% - 90% chance of rain for most of the week. That doesn't mean its going to rain all the time, but there's a good shot at rain all week. As far as what we can expect, brief heavy rainfall, gusty winds along with an isolated thunderstorm from time to time because of an upper level low disturbance. There is a chance that some of these storms could become severe and if that happens, we will keep you updated along with updates from the Storm Tracker 7 Weather Team at KLTV. This pattern will continue throughout much of the week before finally tapering off by Saturday night.

The National Weather Service also predicts that some flash flooding could be possible due to the three to five, and in some cases seven, inches of rain that are forecasted. If you are caught driving and encounter a flooded roadway,

Turn Around, Don't Drown

With a flooded roadway, you have no idea how deep the water is and floodwaters are swift and can push your vehicle off the roadway quickly. In addition, you don't know if the road below has been compromised and washed out, especially around culverts. Here are some friendly reminders when it comes to driving and flooded roadways.

Road Floods During Rain Sign
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I am looking at it positively though right now, my grass has really greened up and I'm having to run my water sprinklers! Hopefully you'll stay dry this week.

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