From Austin, Texas to Abilene, love lakes. I remember the first time I heard that there is only one non-man-made lake in the state. In fact, many Texans believe, but is that true?

The answer: FALSE. There are MANY natural lakes.

Many people believe that Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in the state. Turns out it's not even really a lake, it's technically more of a swamp that because of man-made dams is becoming a lake.

In fact, Caddo is actually just our biggest natural lake. According to this story at KHOU, "there are several others, but most of them are relatively small. You probably haven’t heard of them; Pretty much every lake you have heard of is man-made."

Now that we've put that piece of Texas lake fiction to rest, do you know the deepest lake in Texas?

You can find that one on the Texas-Mexico border, it's the Amistad Reservoir. That lake goes as deep as 217 feet at its deepest point, according to this story. If you're curious, Lake Travis outside of Austin is the second deepest coming in at 210 feet at its deepest point.

So which is Texas' largest reservoir?

That would be Toledo Bend Reservoir, which is east of Lufkin on the Texas-Louisiana border. Not only is it the largest lake in Texas by volume, it is also the largest man-made lake. According to this post, "it was formed by building a dam on the Sabine River and boasts a maximum depth of 110 feet. With a surface area of 185,000 acres, the reservoir holds 4,477,000 acre-feet of water."

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