Mowing the grass is a chore just about every East Texan must undertake. If you're lucky, you have a bag on your mower to catch all the clippings, otherwise you have to rake them up and bag them yourself. You'll also need to weed eat the edges, than fertilize it, then water the lawn, yeah, its a lot of work. However, on the many country roads of East Texas, mowing the yard is a little less detailed. But keeping those yard clippings picked up is a must because it could be deadly for our motorcycle riders and it could also get you a ticket for littering in Texas.

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How Shooting Your Grass Clippings into the Road is Illegal

We're already seeing it on our city streets and county roads as the weather gets warmer in East Texas, the many motorcycle enthusiasts riding around. Inside the city limits, this isn't much of an issue, but for those on a country road, this could be a big, and dangerous problem, grass clippings being shot into the road. It is possible to get a ticket for doing this and not cleaning up those clippings afterwards as it could be considered littering (

Leaving your grass clippings in the roadway can also be a hazard for a motorcycle rider.

The thick grass that is mowed from a yard in the country can be very wet. That wetness for motorcycle riders is the same as a sheet of ice for a car, its very slippery. That slipperiness could cause the bike to crash meaning the possibility for serious, or even fatal, injuries to the rider.

How to Avoid a Possible Ticket and Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Simple solution, when mowing by the roadway, mow three to four paths that shoot the grass clippings away from the road. After that, make the turn to shoot the grass clippings away from the blade vent. This simple solution will help keep those riders who are out enjoying the wind in their hair safe on their trip.

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