Okay, so you've seen the signs. It's garage sale season, and there some things we should and should not do.

Here's how you can make the most of this bargain hunting season.

1. Thou shalt not return items. Seriously, this is not Nordstrom. You buy it, you keep it.

2. Thou shalt not take items from the sale and pay later. Don't ask for credit with home owner. Not cool.

3. Thou shalt not ask for delivery. Larger items can be difficult to transport, but if the owner doesn't offer, don't make the ask.

4. Thou shalt bargain. Negotiation is part of the game, but items marked less a quarter are off limits. This person put a tag on it for a reason, otherwise it would have been marked free!

5. Thou shalt not park in front of the mailbox or driveway. Seriously, we shouldn't have to tell you this.

6. Thou shalt walk on the sidewalk, not on the grass. It's common courtesy.

7. Thou shalt not treat the garage sale like a playground. If your kid is playing with a toy, buy it or put it back.

8. Thou shalt not add anything to the free box. This is kind of like stealing. No, just no.

9. Thou shalt neatly return clothes to where you found them. Don't wad them into a ball or stuff them carelessly back onto a rack.

10. Thou shalt pay in cash. This is a cash game. Remember this.

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