Looking Back to the Summer of 2011

For much of East Texas, 2011 was the hottest summer on record. Data from the official weather reporting station at the Angelina County Airport between Lufkin and Diboll showed the average summer temperature was 87.1 degrees (a combination of the average of the low/high daily temperatures). That surpassed the previous record in 1934.

The temperature in Lufkin rose to at least 100 degrees on 63 separate days that wicked summer. We also set the standard for the most 100+ degree days in a row. That occurred from July 30 through August 24 giving us 26 straight days of triple-digit heat. Every day in August except for one was in the 100s.

Compounding the sweltering heat that summer of 2011 was the lack of rainfall and widespread drought conditions. It was a miserable season that we didn't want to experience again any time soon.

Is 'Any Time Soon' Here?

Let's start with the 2011 record for most consecutive days of triple-digit temperatures. Currently, Lufkin is on a string of 12 straight days of readings of 100 or better. That places 8th on the all-time list. If it weren't for a 99-degree high on July 23, that string would be at 19 days.

In order to tie the record of 2011, we would need to reach 100 degrees or better every day through August 18. That's still two weeks away, but many forecast models are showing no relief from our extreme heat wave through much of this month.

Most Days Over 100

Right now, that record of 63 days of 100 or better looks pretty safe. We've had around 20 of those so far in 2023, but there is still plenty of summer left. Next week, some forecasts have us challenging our all-time high temperature of 110.

How About Some Relief from the Tropics

Hoping for a tropical system in the Gulf of Mexico falls under the category of 'Be careful what you ask for...' Widespread rain from a wave or depression would be welcome, but we don't want another Rita or Ike.

The tropics have been rather quiet so far this season and that's expected to continue through mid-August, however, there have been some computer models showing an uptick in tropical activity for the second half of the month.

Hurry Up, Autumn

Fall officially arrives at 1:49 am on Saturday, September 23rd, or as we like to call it August 54th. Mother Nature's stove usually stays stuck on well-done for most of September. Maybe she'll take some pity on us this year.

Then again, in 2011, she threw in that 63rd day of 100+ heat on September 29.

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