Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are once again facing speculation over their marriage.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, a source told the publication that marriage for the two of them has not been easy and that they have "had their ups and downs."

"They have gone through phases where things haven't been as great between them due to their different personalities and not getting enough time together," the source said.

"They're not always on the same page. They both have so much going on between taking care of their families and their work commitments and it can be a lot for them," they continued.

Rumors of the couple reportedly splitting have surfaced over the last few weeks when fans noticed that the couple had not been spotted together since March. Since then, the couple has been photographed separately on each of their respective outings.

On May 5, Affleck attended the roast of Tom Brady in California while Lopez attended the Met Gala alone in New York City the following night on May 6. She was one of the co-chairs of the event.

The reason that Affleck did not attend the fashion event with Lopez was given to his schedule and that he was busy filming his upcoming movie The Accountant 2 in Los Angeles.

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Earlier this week, InTouch reported that Affleck and Lopez were headed for a divorce. However, both Affleck and Lopez have since been spotted out in public with their own wedding bands on.

The couple has not spoken on the matter as of reporting.

Previously, Affleck and Lopez married in 2022 after rekindling their romance in 2021. They were together in the early '00s from 2002-2004 and were engaged then.

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