Fifth Harmony members Ally Brooke, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui have revealed if there are plans to get the group back together.

Brooke and Jane spoke with Entertainment Tonight at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards on March 6, where the girls did not rule out a potential reunion.

"We'll see. We'll really see what happens. We're just here," Brooke said.

"We're just here to have fun, celebrating everyone from afar and cheering each girl on," Jane added.

Regardless of the group getting back together or not, Jane and Brooke were happy to be together.

"I can speak for the both of us, [we're] ready to celebrate the powerful women in this room, the very talented women," Jane said.

"It's amazing that we're here and together. We're charting right now! Fifth Harmony is charting right now, so it's crazy. It's good timing," Brooke shared.

Jane and Brooke were not the only members of Fifth Harmony to hint a possible reunion Jauregui shared at a separate event that she was "so grateful" at the recent resurgence of the group's music.

"Anytime that anything we did back then can get the recognition it deserves, I'm thankful!" she said.

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However, it is worth noting that Jauregui said that she is focused on her own music right now and that she has plans to music later this year.

The news of a potential reunion comes after a report that said there were plans for all of the members to come together once more. 

A report from Rolling Stone has since been released saying that Fifth Harmony is not reuniting despite the report. 

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