Often we spend too much time searching for a hack or cheat code in life when many times it is the simplest pursuit that is the most rewarding. Even though nobody has notified the thermometer monitor that it is now fall in Killeen-Temple, Texas, we definitely need to take advantage of all our region has to offer from the year's sweetest season.

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Here are 3 reasons why Central Texas is the best part of Texas fall. #3:

Everything is super close. Central Texas is the only region of Texas to really bring together everything within about 2 hours.

Other than going to coastal towns, all the major metros and beautiful fall sights are 2 hours or less from about any driveway in Bell County. I have gone from my doorstep to friends and family's places in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Hill Country, and Prairies and Lakes.

#2: We have the best state park to visit in fall, McKinney Falls:

The contrast of bald cypress and red oak leaves with their endless display of orange, yellow, and red alone make spending a late October through mid November day magical. Plus McKinney Falls State Park has phenomenal hiking, and nothing is quite a striking as the sun across the many pools of water.

#1: Pumpkin Patches:


By far, the largest concentration of pumpkin patch and fall festival fun can be enjoyed in Central Texas with minimal effort. You can find the pumpkin patch nearest you here.

These are just 3 of the best reasons Central Texas is the best destination for Texas fall.

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