Ah Texas. The Lone Star is filled with so many people, and so many buildings too! But there's more to the great of course.

There are different types of natural happenings in the state that some may come across, with many of them being safe to witness from a distance, and others it'd be better if you kept you distance. But here's an idea, what if the nature comes to you?

Well that's an exciting prospect isn't it? But...this isn't like a flower to sniff, or watching a bird fly by. Rather, a certain rodent invading our cities is causing havoc rather then helping.

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Yes, Rats Are A Thing In Texas, And Really Like This Two Cities

So, we aren't happy about this either of course. But the little annoying things like Texas apparently, which...between them and the tarantulas we don't like it one bit. But it looks like, similar to Texans, they favor certain places.

To find out where they like to potentially like to congregate, we turn to a pest control company, Orkin, to find out. So, deep breath, cross your fingers, and let's hope nowhere in Central Texas is listed right?

Good news! No cities in Central Texas are mentioned. Hooray for us! However, Dallas and Houston, you aren't so lucky. According to the data collected by the company, Houston landed in the top 50 at 22nd, while Dallas was right behind at 23rd.

So, looks like we'll need to be on the lookout for rats too...ugh!

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