SpaceX plans to elevate your shopping and dining experience by opening up a restaurant and a shopping center in Brownsville, Texas.

That's right, soon South Texas will be home to SpaceX's newest mission- which is to bring you an epic restaurant and shopping center near Starbase, which is the company’s spaceport facility in South Texas.

SpaceX And T-Mobile Hold Joint Event In Texas
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That's right, coming soon from the same guy who wants to colonize Mars, Elon Musk wants to bring you a restaurant and shopping center! According to KXAN, the Texas Department of Licensing shows filings for two new constructions in Brownsville by the Space Xploration Tech Corp, AKA SpaceX.

The price tag for this new mission? $15 million. The projects are being called "RioWest" and according to the restaurant will be located at Rio Grande Drive in Brownsville, has an estimated cost of $6.1 million for a space with indoor dining and an outdoor deck overlooking the Rio Grande. The retail space has an $8.9 million price tag for a grocery store, retail shops and a café on Quick Silver Avenue.

And it doesn't look like they're wasting any time with this, because KXAN says that the start date for it will be March 14 with a completion date of December 31. That means that as early as next year we could see what Elon Musk could possibly imagine up for the restaurant!

I'm more about the restaurant, will everything be space themed? Will the food be super expensive and only affordable to Musks' rich friends? And, most importantly, will it look reminiscent to Disney's "Tomorrowland"?

Henry Kobutra via Unsplash
Henry Kobutra via Unsplash

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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