With International Chocolate Day just around the corner, September 13th to be exact, I came across a survey that caught my attention because it had to do with chocolate and well… who doesn’t love chocolate?! (Unless you’re allergic to it then you probably don’t love chocolate.)

The survey also did some deep diving into a few sweet statistics about chocolate lovers in Texas and they found out that 98% of Texans proudly professed their undying love for chocolate.



On average, a Texan indulges in a delectable $14 worth of chocolate each month, tallying up to a mouthwatering $168 annually! Dang. That’s a lot of money spent on chocolate.

Anyways, a survey online asked Texans what their favorite chocolate bar was and some of these sweet responses may or may not surprise you:

  1. Reese's Cups - The king of Texan treats, these peanut butter-filled delights reign supreme.
  1. Snickers - Satisfying those Lone Star cravings one caramel, nougat, and peanut-packed bite at a time.
  1. Kit Kat- Texans know that breaking off a piece of this classic wafer is pure bliss.
  1. Hershey's Bar - The timeless simplicity of a Hershey's bar always hits the sweet spot.
  1. Dove Chocolate Bar - Smooth, silky, and irresistible, Dove chocolate is a Texan treasure.


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