Last night we were treated to another night of fancy footwork and stellar performances. This week Dancing With The Stars promenaded onto the silver screen to perform songs from film soundtracks.

We have an avid DWTS fan who sends us the juicy details of the evenings performances every week -- We love listeners like this -- Her take on last nigh after the jump.  Who do you think did the best and the worst?

1. Chynna & Tony- Tango to Mission Impossible-Score 21

Tony starts suspended in the air like Tom Cruise. Chynna messed up so much on this dance and was lost most of the time. They gave her a score of 21 that she didn't deserve.

2. David & Kim- Posadoble' to Raiders Theme- Score 23

David did great. It was packed full of moves with a stumble at the end.

3. Carson & Anna- Vieneese Waltz to Pirates of the Caribean- Score 20

His costume was great of course. He did really good. It did look like he was running around instead of dancing. Not my favorite dance, but I hope he stays in because he is fun to watch. He deserved a lot better score than Chynna!

4. Nancy & Triston- Posadoble' to Flash Gordon-21

She did ok. You can tell she is trying hard but it is definitely not natural for her. She fell at the very end.

5. Hope & Maks- Fox Trot to You've Got A Friend in Me(Toy Story)-24

This was a cute dance. They looked like they were having fun.

6. Rob & Cheryl- Posadoble' to Superman- 24

He did very good. This was his best dance yet.

7. Ricki & Derek- Tango to Psycho- 29

First 10s of the season. They used shadows at the beginning and end where she was stabbed at the end. They did a great job!

8. Chaz & Lacey- Posadoble' to Rocky- 21

He did better than Chynna. The practice before the dance showed them working with Richard Simmons. It was cute. Chaz did a good job. His best dance so far but still not great. Cher was happy.

9. J.R. & Karina- Fox Trot to the Pink Panther- 26

It was fun and he was so debonaire. My favorite dance of the night.

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