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Encounters with other drivers who are road rage proned can turn out to be quite dangerous.

Road rage incidents can escalate pretty quickly. Simple things can upset some drivers and cause them to go off and do irrational things that they wouldn't normally do while behind a wheel. Things that can cause road rage are failing to signal to turn or make a lane change, driving too slow, or just the opposite driving too fast, following too close and many others.

J-Si had a rather interesting encounter with a driver yesterday afternoon while making his way back home from the airport after attending a bachelor party in Las Vegas over the weekend. We don't want to give away too much of the story, but J-Si was cut off several times by a truck not using their turn signal to change lanes on a two lane road. After this happened several times, something unbelievable happened from the back end of the truck.

We'll stop there and let you watch the following video to find out what happened and how it all turned out.

Remember, when you're behind the wheel take a couple of extra deep breaths to control your breathing when someone starts acting like a maniac on the road.

Listen to "J-Si's Road Rage Incident" on Spreaker.

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