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We've all got to dream big or nothing might ever happen.

With Friday nights' Mega Millions lottery sitting at $970 million and tonight's' Powerball lottery at a record setting $730 million we're all dreaming big when we go to buy those tickets. J-Si's not sure on how to choose his numbers when he goes to play. Do you go with the random quick pick and let the computer assign you your numbers or do you go and play special numbers and fill out the scantron form? Well, during Tidbit News, J-Si tells us about a woman from Toronto, Canada and she went about picking her numbers before winning a jackpot that were given to her by her husband from an usual source.

Then J-Si reminds us that we can text the show anytime of the day just to check in or ask a question, like this strange question, of all the flavors of ice cream, why isn't there a grape ice cream? There's grape tasting medicine and grape juice, but no grape flavored ice cream. The cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show tackles this tough question!

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