We've all been there. We get a speeding ticket. "Alright, I'll get this paid next week when I get paid." Next week comes and goes and you've already forgotten about that ticket. Several months later you get a notice in the mail that you need to get this paid. You put it off again and you get a notice in your mailbox that you must pay your fine or a warrant may be issued for your arrest because of non payment. Well, that warrant now has been issued. Folks that are in this example situation in Jacksonville, Texas are getting calls with a reminder to get those warrants paid or face getting arrested.

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No Scam, Its a Real Call

These are not scam calls. If you have a warrant in Jacksonville, police are making reminder calls to get everything paid up or you could face arrest in addition to some additional fines on top of what you already owe. These warrants could have been issued for unpaid speeding tickets or other traffic violations. Unpaid fines for Class C misdemeanors are also a part of these calls.

How do you know its not a scam call?

Jacksonville Police will not ask for payment information over the phone. Instead, you will be advised to go to court to get your fines paid. If you don't take care of it in a timely manner, an additional warrant will be issued that could result in an additional fine and/or a court fee that could double or even triple what you owe.

Basically, don't avoid the call and get the fine taken care of. You don't want the embarrassment of an officer showing up at your job to take you in for a speeding ticket.

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