Like so many young people before him, Jaden Smith failed his driving test. And he let the entire world know this fact through a particularly dramatic social media post yesterday (January 11) where he declared he would soon move away from Los Angeles.

“It’s going to be so funny to tell my dad that I failed straight up,” he began, via an Instagram live video, while reportedly still outside the DMV.

“Everybody follow your heart, you know what I’m saying?” he continued. “Do exactly what you want to do, be the you that you want to be. I’m about to move out of L.A. There’s a lot of bad things here. Create the life you want for yourself, you know? Don’t try to be somebody else.”

“It’s hard these days to really create the life you want for yourself because there’s nobody really here that’s really, like, supporting the youth or the youth’s creativity...and how they wanna live life,” he said.

Jaden then switched gears, pontificating on the whole purpose of a social media platform like Instagram live.

“What is Instagram live?” he continued. “Why aren’t scientists Instagram live-ing? Why am I? Why aren’t people Instagram live-ing to cure cancer right now? Why aren’t we Instagram live-ing about peace right now? This makes no sense. Nothing about this life makes any sense.

"Why aren’t we Instagram live-ing about saving people’s lives? You know? Sitting here on Instagram, sitting here being distracted by everything," he said. "And we’re not even focusing on our own lives. We Instagram live to escape. We go on people’s Instagram lives to escape so we don’t have to focus, to really think about the fact that nobody wants to support our creative endeavors and nobody wants to help us be creative. Nobody wants to give us the support system to make something that’s actually better for the world.”

Check out Jaden Smith's full Instagram Live Video above.

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