Looks like Carpool Karaoke creator James Corden needs to stay in his lane (and out of Louis Tomlinson's and Steve Aoki's).

Corden, host of The Late Late Show, shared the unfortunate story of how he was cut from Tomlinson's and Aoki's new hit single "Just Hold On" in a web-exclusive comedy sketch posted to YouTube last night (February 27).

"I've been writing some unbelievable rhymes," an out-of-breath Corden proclaims as he enters the studio, with Tomlinson and Aoki working on a track. "Wait until you hear what I've got for this track. It's going to blow your minds."

"Well, we just recorded Louis' vocals. Sorry man, we just nailed it," Aoki admits before playing a clip of "Just Hold On."

"Where's the talk up?" asks Corden. "I thought we were going to have a talk up into the track? I thought I was going to do a talk up? 'Yeah that's right, Steve and Louis, James on the mic.' All the best bands in the '90s had a talk up. I thought we were going to bring that back?"

"There's a reason they doesn't exist anymore, James," Aoki says.

"Well yes, there's a reason good music doesn't exist anymore. No offense," Corden replies.

Aoki and Tomlinson's "Just Hold On" hit No. 1 on the Dance Airplay Charts last week, and has since entered the Mainstream Top 40 chart. Tomlinson revealed on The Late Late Show that the collaboration on "Just Hold On" came about after he sent Aoki a direct message via Twitter suggesting that they work together.

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