Big Time Rush member James Maslow has emerged as a top contender on Season 18 of 'Dancing With the Stars.' With BTR bandmate Kendall Schmidt doing Heffron Drive and Carlos Pena taking on a hosting gig, does all this non-BTR activity spell the end of the beloved boy band?

Relax! It doesn't.

"Big Time Rush is still a band," the hot-footed Maslow confirmed to Parade. "We're still together, but we're doing our own thing, so it's not going to be a priority over individual projects, because we need that for the next step in our lives and careers obviously. But there's a really good chance that we will tour again. We're talking about it now."

That makes sense. Since boy bands have shelf lives, it makes sense to prepare for the future without breaking up.

About the tour, he furthered, "We're open to it, we're looking at markets. There's still a big market and a lot of fans out there that want us to tour, so as soon as we all can get together and figure out schedules, we will make it happen.”

So go ahead and breathe that sigh of relief, Rushers. BTR remain a unit!

But after 'DWTS,' Maslow needs and has earned a vacation. "Career-wise, I'm looking a couple projects, but after doing all this and coming straight from tour before this, I definitely need a vacation," he admitted. "I'm thinking about what I'm going to do. I might actually take a really cool motorcycle trip with my buddy from Mexico City back up to California, which would be a fun four-day trip."

Now, there is also lots of talk of his chemistry with his dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd, with whom he glides across dancefloors and with whom he spends lot of prep time. They are in close proximity, so it's great that the like one another, which is painfully obvious on the show.

"I'm lucky because we get along very well as friends too," he said. "Once we have a routine down and we finish our work, we'll go out and get a bite to eat. We have some mutual friends we hang out with but we have to separate it. When we're hanging out, we aren't talking about work. And when we come in and dance, that's what we do.”

While they "focus and work," James and Peta do get distracted. Maslow said, "We do have so much fun together and we'll get on a tangent about something else and before you know it, we've wasted two hours of rehearsal!"

When he revealed what distracts him, it made us think that perhaps there is something bubbling under between he and Peta. They clearly have dance chemistry, but what about romance?

"On occasion it's just Peta being silly, charming and cute," he said about the distractions. "She'll get in her own little world, and that will distract me cause I'm just laughing about it and otherwise, we've kind of gathered some inside jokes through our group of friends that the producers and other friends have no idea what we're talking about, but she'll say something and it'll just have us laugh attack over."

Hmmm. We bet they are crushing.

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