We know Jennifer Hudson can sing. That is never in despute. Girl suh-layed during her 'American Idol' season, which she didn't win, and won an Oscar for her work in 'Dreamgirls.' Now the former Weight Watchers spokeswoman is back with one heck of a jam called 'Walk It Out,' featuring Timbaland, who lends his vocals and co-produced the track.

J. Hud is definitely tapping into a more street R&B style with this sassy jam. We can imagine her singing with her hands on her hips, waving her finger in the air whenever anyone tries to get all up in her face, yo!

She drops the "eff" bomb once and she has such an empowered, don't-mess-with-me vibe. The inner diva has been unleashed and enabled. And the song reminds us of when Mariah Carey was eyeballs deep in her seriously heavy hip-hop feature phase. 'Walk It Out' has that kind of energy.

"'Walk It Out' reflects the 'JHud' in me. Every bit of it is a reminder and a connection of where I come from," the singer said in a press release.

Oh, we lurve when she gets all J. Hud on us. Since she penned the song, it comes from a place of authenticity.

"Who better to help me reconnect to that than Timbaland and his team?," she finished. "We co-wrote the song together, so I'm singing my words. It's my take; my perspective. It's my music and I can't wait to share that with my fans."

J. Hud's third album is due out this year on RCA. This track serves as a taste.

Listen to Jennifer Hudson 'Walk It Out' Feat. Timbaland

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