Jennifer Lopez fans who showed up to the singer's All I Have show in Las Vegas were treated to an extra surprise Sunday night (Feb. 26) when two of J. Lo's backup dancers officially became engaged on stage at the end of the concert.

In the clip above, dancer Lake Smits gets down on one knee to pop the question to fellow performer Tera Perez. Perez accepts the offer as the crowd goes wild, and Lopez steps in to share her congratulations.

"I love these two. He's danced with me for many years, Tera's danced with me for so many years," Lopez said. "Thank you for letting us have this moment."

Time reports that Smits and Perez have been a part of Lopez's entourage since 2013. The two appeared in documentary show A Dance Away, which documented J. Lo's crew as they traveled the globe for the Dance Again World Tour.

"I absolutely said YES!" Perez captioned the video moment on Instagram. "All the ups and downs, the imperfect and perfect journey we had to go thru to get us here is the reason I'm going to spend my life with you."

The live engagement was a fitting close to the latest group of All I Have shows at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas. Lopez and her crew will be back on stage again on May 24.

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