On tonight’s (April 30) semi-finals of ‘The Voice,’ belter Jermaine Paul turned in an emotional and stirring rendition of Journey‘s classic ballad ‘Open Arms.’ Paul pulled us in, thanks to all those runs and fills, effectively making a rock song feel like it was originally written for a soulful R&B singer such as Paul. He, as Christina Aguilera so astutely asserted, “put the Jermaine on it.”

Paul’s coach Blake Shelton beamed like a proud papa bear while watching Paul go all out and “Jermaine” the song. He was dramatic when the song called for it and restrained when he needed be. It was a dynamic and balanced performance. Bravo, bravo.

The judges called him “crazy talented” and said he “murdered” the song. Which is exactly what he did. He killed it and then revived it by breathing his own unique life into it.

Adam Levine said it best, though. “I’d like to congratulate you, because you are no longer a background singer, my friend,” he praised. Paul has worked with Alicia Keys, but he is stepping out from her shadow and into the light.

After this perf, Jermaine Paul has emerged as a clear frontrunner for the Season 2 crown. He is going to be hard to beat.

Watch Jermaine Paul Perform ‘Open Arms’ on ‘The Voice’