After the contestants on American Idol were trimmed down to 13 last week, Wednesday night was when we were exposed to the immense amount of talent that fills Season 11. And as Wednesday’s performances started winding down, 19-year-old Jessica Sanchez stole the show.

In the night’s second-to-last performance, Sanchez went for it all on a night where the girls performed songs by the late Whitney Houston, and the boys sang from the catalog of Stevie Wonder. As the show went on, you had to wonder if any girl would be brave enough to sing “I Will Always Love You,” a song not originally sung by Whitney Houston, but it’s the one for which she’ll always be remembered.

Jessica Sanchez went for it, and it’s not too early to wonder if this was the best performance on American Idol, ever.

Watch the video of Jessica’s performance, and below that you’ll find an old video of her singing the same song, but as a 12-year-old. Both are worth a watch, and most definitely a listen.

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol: Season 11, March 7, 2012

Jessica Sanchez Singing “I Will Always Love You” at Age 12

I think we’ve found our favorite.

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