Jessica Simpson had the perfect response to the Subway tuna controversy.

On Friday (January 29), Subway defended itself against a lawsuit claiming the fast food chain’s tuna is actually “a mixture of various concoctions” that are made to "imitate the appearance of tuna."

Subway denied the claims, saying, “There simply is no truth to the allegations in the complaint that was filed in California. Subway delivers 100 percent cooked tuna to its restaurants, which is mixed with mayonnaise and used in freshly made sandwiches, wraps and salads that are served to and enjoyed by our guests.”

Simpson decided to weigh in by poking fun at her 2003 Chicken of the Sea mishap, tweeting, "It's OK SUBWAY. It IS confusing."

The official Subway Twitter account replied to Simpson, saying, "ugh we were just about to call you. confirmed. our tuna is 100% wild caught tuna and 100% not chicken."

The 40-year-old pop singer infamously confused tuna with poultry while eating Chicken of the Sea during an episode of her MTV reality show with then-husband Nick Lachey, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.

"Is this chicken that I have, or is this fish?" Simpson asked.

"I know it's tuna, but it says chicken by the sea," she continued. "Is that stupid? What is it called — chicken by the sea or in the sea?"

The 98 Degrees singer informed his wife that she was indeed eating tuna.

You can relive the iconic moment by watching the clip, below:

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