One of the stranger stories I've heard in recent years has come out of the piney woods of East Texas. On TikTok, there's a guy who calls himself "Cult Hunter". I came across a long series of videos he did about a supposed cult in East Texas called Profundity Yours. It involves aliens, Jesus, and a cafe in Marietta, Texas.

Profundity Yours, Aliens, And A Whole Bunch Of Recipies In Marietta, Texas

You can watch the entire saga on TikTok play out here or on YouTube, and it's a pretty decent chunk of content. Basically, you have a woman who allegedly goes from being broke in a trailer to living on a million-dollar ranch with a group of devoted followers in a very short amount of time and the thing that changed in her life was that an alien walked inside of her.

Now, the alleged alien is speaking through her, is somehow connected to Buddha and Jesus, and loves a nice relaxing cigarette. Seriously. It's all there.

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The group, Profundity Yours, even got their hands on the only restaurant in Marietta, Texas. They did the one thing you would expect a cult to do in rural Texas once they get their hands on a restaurant. They added a vegan menu. They also did the second thing you would expect; predict the end of the world and then get it wrong.

Escalating Online Drama, Investigations, And Then...Silence

The wildest part of the story is how quickly the timeline seems to move. In just a few short years, it seems like everything for the group has fallen apart. The almost daily updates on social media stopped last year, which also happens to be the time when "Cult Hunter" was doing his entire series about them on TikTok. No recent recipes on Instagram. No new videos on YouTube.

@syranwarner Cult leader Linda McGillis is back! #fyp #cult #profundityyours #cults #texas #foryou #truecrime #parenting #fypシ #lindamcgillis ♬ original sound - Cult Hunter

The drama online continued to escalate. A lot of people in Marietta weren't too keen on the group being around and running the restaurant.

The Ole Town Cafe was the restaurant that the group purchased. There's a Facebook page that's devoted to speaking out against Profundity Yours called Ole Town Cafe Fanpage. Posts on the page also end around this time last year.

Where is Linda, the group's leader? Cult Hunter released an update earlier this year, and in it, Linda is supposedly on the road and has been for a while. That was in May. It makes you wonder where they are now, and if everyone is okay.

It seems that the search for info on Profundity Yours hit a brick wall in 2023. Here's to hoping there are more updates soon, and they're of the good kind.

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