No matter who you've got a crush on, like, are dating or married to, love knows no boundaries or stereotypes. That's the message that is being sent in the latest duet from John Mayer and Katy Perry "Who You Love".

The couple has been very private about their up and down relationship until this morning when they gave their first TV interview as a couple to Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos. The first thing George asks John about is the song and how it came about.

I had this little chorus for years and it was, 'You love who you love,' and I thought that was always going to be a great thing someday. A song that people could hear and feel that sort of permission."

The video features couples love on display as they ride a mechanical bull in the middle of the desert. Just like riding the bull, with relationships sometimes you just hold on as tight as you can to your partner as you make your way through whatever it is that is in your way.

You can see more of the couple sitting on the couch next to George and hear more of what they had to say about their relationship and making of the video for the song.