It's one of the biggest honors in the music industry, winning a Grammy award. It's a proud accomplishment in any artist or groups career and a prized possession and the thought of cutting one in half is unheard of, but that's exactly what John Mayer did to one of his Grammy's after winning it!

John has graced the Grammy stage seven times to accept an award and he has most of them on display in his office including his half Grammy that he cut in half and gave away.

So where is the other half of his seventh Grammy award?

For that answer, you'll have to visit Alicia Keys' home! Back in 2005, John and Alicia were up for Song Of The Year and John ended up with the Grammy that year, but he felt so strongly that it should have belonged to Alicia for her song "If I Ain't Got You" instead of his "Daughters" that won that year. He ended up giving her the top half of the award after the show!

John says the other Grammy's are staring back at him in his office saying, "Whatcha got now?"