Is it “Cool” to like the Jonas Brothers? I think so, I'm currently a 'sucker' for the pop duo's first number one.

It was a surprise to me to find them not only reunited, but making music that I really enjoy! I liked Nick's solo project, and was a fan of Joe's band DNCE's 'Cake by the Ocean. Now, the sibling trio - Nick, Joe and Kevin – have announced a new song, called “Cool.” The new tune will drop on Friday, April 5.

I never got the hype of the boys in their Disney Channel days. I was just a few years too old to get really into Disney, but I'm enjoying this new project.

Their first single as a reunited band, “Sucker,” gave them their first number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and I'm constantly asking my Alexa device to play it.

The brothers are also set to appear on the Adam Levine-produced new show Songland, which premieres on NBC May 28. The show will give aspiring songwriters the opportunity to showcase their songs in the hopes of finding the next big hit.

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