**Jugging continues to be a huge problem in Texas as WFAA recently announced that Plano, Texas has seen almost 50 instances of Jugging. This time of crime could easily end in death, please be careful, and stay aware of your surroundings.**

Like most people, when I first saw the word ‘jugging’ I had no idea what that meant. It had to do with a crime so I knew it wasn’t good, but it shocks me that people in Texas would try something like this. According to the McKinney, Texas Police Department there have been 4 instances of Bank Jugging recently and they want to make sure everyone is aware of what is going on, so we don’t have more victims. 

As we all know McKinney is just a couple hours from Tyler, Texas and crimes like this spread quickly so the first thing you need to do is understand, what is Bank Jugging? Bank Jugging is when a criminal watches you enter a bank, then leave the bank with an envelope (they are hoping that envelope is full of cash). The criminal will watch where you put the money then follow you to your next destination and when you leave the vehicle, they will smash your window and take your money in a matter of seconds.  

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Things You Can Do to Avoid ‘Jugging’ in Texas 

If you are going to be withdrawing a large amount of cash from a bank or ATM machine, make sure you don’t leave that money in your vehicle. Also, try to stay aware of your surroundings. If you notice someone watching you or following you after leaving a bank, remember you can always drive to your local police department.  

‘Jugging’ Isn’t Only Happening at Banks 

While banks seem to be the most popular for people looking to steal money, ‘Jugging’ is also taking place at high-end stores. Criminals are going to commit crimes anywhere they think they can get away with it. So, make sure you’re doing everything possible to discourage this type of behavior. For example, make sure you don’t leave the bank with an envelope in your hand, don’t give any sort of indication that you could be leaving with a bunch of cash.  

Let’s hope these criminals are caught soon, because if they try this on the wrong Texan it will be their last day on earth.  

*Updated November 14th at 5:15am*

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