Alright, I’m about to sound like a broken record but at this point I don’t care: IT IS HOT!!!!  

How hot is it you ask? So hot that the planet, yes, THE PLANET reached the highest temperature ever recorded this past week.

This week saw the hottest global temperature ever recorded, according to data from two climate tracking agencies that cover multiple decades.

According to experts, July 4th, 2023 was the hottest day ever recorded with a global temperature of nearly 63 degrees. And these experts are saying that even hotter temperatures are expected in August.

Aight, imma head out to Antarctica for the Summer cause I can’t handle this heat! *Cries in Spanish*

While the whole world is heating up, Texas seems to be heating up the most thanks to an unprecedented heat wave that is just hanging out like an uninvited guest!

Usually heat waves will come and go but this Texas heat wave seems to be trapped and it’s causing a ‘Heat Dome’ over Texas resulting in record breaking heat across the lone star state.

El Paso’s hot weather made it to the list of the top 10 hottest cities in Texas for the month of June after hitting triple-digit temperatures for 13 consecutive days, from June 16 through June 28.

See What Other Cities Made The List For Hottest Cities In Texas During June:

10. Lubbock

Lubbock first broke triple digits on June 19 and stayed in the upper 90s and above for the rest of the month.

9. Kingsville

This city broke several daily records during the month of June, reaching a maximum temperature of 111°

8. El Paso

El Paso maintained triple-digit temperatures for 13 straight days from June 16th through June 28th.

7. McAllen

McAllen reached its highest temperature of the year on June 21 at 108°

6. Midland

Midland kept its triple-digit temperature for 14 straight days from June 15th until June 28th.

5. Junction

Junction reported a new all-time max temperature record of 111 degrees on June 16th.

4. Laredo

Laredo topped out at 115° on June 19

3. San Angelo

San Angelo tied their all-time record of 111° then beat it on June 21, reaching 114°.

2. Del Rio

Del Rio, Texas, rose to 115° on June 21, topping their all-time record of 113° set that same week.

1. Rio Grande Village (Big Bend National Park)

I​t reached 119° on June 24 at Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park. That was not only the nation’s hottest temperature this year but was just below the state’s all-time record of 120° set in June 1994 and August 1936.




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