Tonight at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards Justin Bieber graced the stage looking adorable as always to perform his latest single ‘Boyfriend.’

He gave a high energy performance that included some black light special effects, and of course – great dancing. Between his sweet moves and the fact he was donning two white gloves — we couldn’t help to think he was channeling a little bit of Michael Jackson!

While we certainly aren’t complaining, it did appear that Bieber switched between lip-syncing the chorus and hook, and also singing live. We don’t blame him – we’re sure those high notes don’t come as easy as they did before he went through puberty.

No one seemed to mind and it didn’t compromise the performance — especially the girls in the front row who were lucky enough to receive high fives and handshakes from the singer during his performance. A solid performance from Bieber, who has has won seven Billboard Music Awards in past years and received one tonight for Top Social Artist.

Watch Justin Bieber Perform ‘Boyfriend’ at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

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