Justin Bieber not only has drama with the paparazzi but with One Direction fans, too. First, Beliebers attacked Bing for endorsing 1D in a MTV VMA category the web company is sponsoring. Now, we suspect Directioners are going to be a bit miffed over the lyrics to ‘Beautiful,’ which is Bieber’s duet with fellow Canadian sensation Carly Rae Jepsen.

The Biebs tweeted a lyric to the song, which is incredibly familiar to Directioners. In fact, it has 1D fingerprints all over it. (You can read the lyric, and the tweet, below, as well as listen to a snippet of the song.) The track is so sugary sweet that you’ll need to book a dentist appointment to get your teeth cleaned after. This is a new sort of Canadian maple syrup!

The lyric “What makes you so beautiful is that you don’t know how beautiful you are” is incredibly similar to 1D’s entire lyrical sentiment on their smash hit ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ You know, the line about “Everyone else in the room can see it / Everyone else but you“  being what makes a girl beautiful. There’s also lyrical similarities in Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Wake Me Up.’

Now before this becomes a matter of national security and starts an epic battle between cultures and countries, with Beliebers battling with Directioners and Sheeraners, realize that the lyrical sentiments they deliver are very commonly expressed in pop music — and have been for decades.

The idea of someone being unaware of their own beauty (and that, in itself makes them even more attractive) is a familiar idea and emotion that all humans experience, including songwriters and pop singers, who distill it into lyrics and song.

So chillax. let’s not make this more than it is. Thank you and good night!

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