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Justin Bieber revealed this afternoon via Instagram that he is suffering partial facial paralysis from a serious virus.

Watching the video he posted to his Instagram account, you can clearly see that the right side of his face is not moving and he is unable to blink or smile.

He tells us in the three-minute video that he has received the diagnosis of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. This virus attacks a nerve in his ear and affects his facial nerves.

Justin has received criticism lately for having to cancel a couple of his "Justice World Tour" dates in Toronto and now Washington, D.C., and some shows in New York City. He apologizes to his fans in his video and announces he'll be taking some time off as he rests and recovers from this.

Justin says his face will return to normal, but at this point, he doesn't know how long that will take. He has faith that it will return to normal. He will concentrate in the meantime on practicing facial exercises as he begins the recovery process.

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