Justin Timberlake just dropped a bomb on us, to the tune of Soulmate.
Maybe I'm a little biased, because I adore JT, but I'm really into this groove.

It just feels like Summer. He even proclaims at the start, 'Summer starts now.'

It's dreamy and catchy and oh so groovy. Check out these lyrics:

Whatever you believe in could be real
'Cause I believe in miracles
So please right now, you and me right now
We could live our dreams right now

Man of the Woods was a departure from Justin's typical dance grooves and upbeat jams, so this is a nice surprise to enjoy through the end of Summer. I'm downloading right ... in case there was any doubt.

This is totally going into that playlist I created with Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran singles. Count me as immediately #obsessed.

Yes, Justin is back... thank goodness!

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