The truth has come out: Justin Timberlake did not invite his former 'N Sync bandmates to his perfect Italian wedding to Jessica Biel. Not a single one of them. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Friends and family were the only guests at the small -- in size, not cost -- ceremony, so we can only assume the brotherhood of 'N Sync are neither.

Or maybe not.

Former 'Syncer Chris Kirkpatrick revealed during a recent interview that he and the rest of the band were not invited -- which was all the more surprising because Kirkpatrick was in Italy at the time, fueling rumors that he was at the wedding while the others weren’t.

But he cleared things up by saying that he was in the country for a previously planned birthday getaway -- and none of the boy band members were asked to attend the surprise nuptials.

However, lest you think Timberlake has forgotten from whence he came, he hasn't. As Chris explained, “From what I know it’s because he didn’t want all of us there ... It would be a reunion rather than a wedding.”

He went on to say that JT was afraid an 'N Sync gathering would steal the spotlight from the “amazing” Biel and “he wanted to make sure it was about her.”

As for Kirkpatrick and the rest of the band? “It wasn’t hard feelings on anybody," he added. "We were at the engagement party."

Ironically enough, Chris's Italian getaway resulted in his own engagement -- during the trip, he popped the question to his girlfriend.

He won’t return the cold shoulder to his longtime friend when it comes time to send the invites, though. Kirkpatrick plans to be the bigger groom and invite every member of 'N Sync to the nuptials -- in fact, he might even ask them to be in the wedding itself.

But if there's no group dance at the reception, that's no wedding at all.

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