Wanna Justin Timberlake on his Man of the Woods tour? He's coming to Dallas in one week. 

Thursday, Jan. 24, Timberlake will take the stage at American Airlines Center in Dallas, tickets are still available. I took a look for seats earlier today, and ticket prices vary. Savvy shoppers who don't mind sitting or standing between other couples will come out ahead as there are still individual seats available in great sections at reasonable prices.

Some verified re-sellers have reasonable rates as well. Personally, when I can swing it, I prefer to sit in the lower sections of AAC. The 100 levels are my sweet spot. I don't love being on the floor, because I'm short. The first level, down low, is ideal - and not really available at this point.

The stage looks like he will be venturing out into the crowd like he did in preview tours, which is exciting, and I would love to see how he plans to bring the 'outisde in' as promised. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to swing some tickets and see you there!

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