K-pop fans have hilariously flooded the #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag that Donald Trump supporters have been trying to get trending on Twitter.

On Friday (January 22), K-pop fans took over a nonsensical hashtag that called for newly elected President Joe Biden's impeachment. The wacky hashtag follows Trump's recent impeachment, which made him the first United States President to ever be impeached twice.

The #ImpeachBidenNow hashtag was sparked on Thursday (January 21), after Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted that she filed articles of impeachment against Biden, for some reason. "We'll see how this goes," she said in a video posted to her social media accounts.

In response, Trump supporters created the hashtag and it quickly gained momentum—but not for the reasons they had in mind.

K-pop fans quickly took over the hashtag, sharing love, positivity and iconic K-pop memes, GIFs and music. All the top and most interacted-with tweets using the hashtag are from K-pop fans rather than people who are serious about attempting to impeach Biden.

This isn't the first time that K-pop fans have taken over a harmful and mean-spirited hashtags: they've previously flooded numerous Trump-related hashtags during his time in office.

Below, check out some of the funniest tweets from K-pop fans.

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