K9 officers must stay in shape just like regular patrol officers do!

Canine officers play a vital role when it comes to fighting crime of all kinds. While watching Live PD on A&E, I've seen officers send their K9 partners after suspects that are running from them, through highly specialized training they sniff out drugs and other things, they go under houses to coerce suspects to crawl out into the waiting hands of officers with cuffs! These officers are vital to police departments.

The Gulf Shore Alabama Police Department is no different. They have a K9 officer on the force that apparently likes to stay in shape and get a workout in when he can with his counterparts by doing push ups with them! According to AL.com, two year old Nitro joined the Gulf Shores, Alabama force 10 months ago and while at a briefing for the night shift last Saturday, he joined in with his partners for a little workout before hitting the streets to fight crime.

The police department created the video and posted it on their Facebook page as a way to promote their anti-car theft program called the '9 p.m. Routine'. It's not only a reminder to the citizens of their city, but to East Texans too, you should remove all valuables from your vehicle at night and anytime you leave it parked to prevent theft. It's seven seconds of getting prepared to fight crime K9 style!

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