Kanye West may be taking the whole baby daddy thing just a little too far if we are to believe the tabloids. According to Hollywire (via The Sun), Yeezy is penning his own remake of Dr. Seuss's classics 'Green Eggs Ham' and 'The Cat in the Hat.'

Why you may ask? Because he's Kanye West that's why. In all seriousness, a source gave the tabloid a logical explanation of why the 35-year-old rapper felt it was necessary to tamper with Dr. Seuss's legendary tales.

Kanye’s going to record child-friendly raps of Dr. Seuss, who he’s a big fan of…Kanye’s really in touch with his feelings. He wants [Kim Kardashian] to lay down some vocals while she’s carrying his child. He thinks it’ll be cool for his son or daughter to listen to the track when they’re older."

Um, okay.

Meanwhile, it looks like Kimye is not planning to cash in on their baby anytime soon. According to TMZ, the mom and papa-to-be turned down a $3 million offer from an overseas tabloid to obtain their first baby pics. However, Kimye say they would consider offers in the future just not right now.

These reports comes after the couple agreed to keep their infant off of their reality series 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.' Still, Kimmy will show off her baby bump on the show because she thinks that being preggers is "great and cute."

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