Uh oh Katy Perry, it looks like you’re not the only Hudson (Perry’s real last name) looking to pursue a career in music. Sure, Katy has already succeeded at her music career, so there may not be much of a competition just yet. But now, her brother David is looking for his big break in the industry with the release of his new song ‘To You.’

Hudson, who’s preparing for the release of his EP ‘Dirty Face,’ recently sat down for an interview with Peter Dee to discuss his music. Surprisingly enough, despite his passion for music — yes, Katy’s not the only talented sibling — Hudson spoke about his other love: philanthropy.

“My heart is on the music and acting, but everything I do I want to do with a philanthropic twist,” he said. “I want to take everything I do and benefit people in need all around the world, and not just through finances, but I want people to volunteer their time. I want people to get involved with me.”

And back in 2011, when Hudson uploaded his song ‘A Real Man’s Life’ to YouTube, he told InTouch Weekly that Katy and their sister Angela were already fans! ”I finally showed them a song about two months ago, my first musical endeavor. They were blown away,” he said. “Katy was really busy, but I finally bugged her enough and she’s like, ‘Fine, I’ll listen to it,’ and then she must have sent me ten text messages in a row, ‘Who wrote this?’ ‘Is this really you singing?’ ‘Where did this come from?’ ‘How did you get in the studio?’”

“She was amazed, and she doesn’t know that I know this, but Katy was saying, ‘My first song was not half as good as that!’ It’s just kind of cool to see my sisters’ reactions,” he continued. “I look up to them and I love them.”

Aw, nothing like a little brotherly love for David!

Watch Peter Dee’s Interview with David Hudson

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