Madonna knows how to sustain a career for decades, and that’s something Katy Perry seeks to do. In a new interview, the bubblegum (and peppermint, cupcake, popcorn and whatever else she can put on her boobs) princess revealed she wants to take after the Queen of Pop.

“I think Madonna, especially in the beginning of her career when she was laying the foundation, was evolving every single time and giving a new visual and a new idea to the public,” Perry told L’Uomo Vogue (quotes via MTV). “She kept everybody interested because you never knew what she was going to do next, but whatever she delivered was a solid product.” It’s interesting to note that Perry called it a “product,” and not “art.” As she boasted in her somewhat self-indulgent NARM Awards speech, she’s great at selling and marketing her records — something Madge had difficulty with for ‘MDNA’.

In any case, K.P. continued, “I just hope to be the same. I hope to continually make people interested and hopefully in 10 years look back and have written songs that have become timeless.” Here’s hoping people still feel like plastic bags in 2022.

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