Katy Perry is determined to milk every song, single and thereby dollar that she can from her smash 'Teenage Dream' and its re-released expanded edition, 'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.' As a result, not content with just breaking Michael Jackson's singles record, Perry is releasing 'Hummingbird Heartbeat' as the record's ninth official single in the U.K. and Australia, following the success of 'Wide Awake.'

Considering Perry's rather youthful fanbase (her "Katy Cats" should really be called "Katy Kittens"), 'Hummingbird Heartbeat' is a bit of an awkward listen, with lyrics that include such whoppers as "You make me feel like I'm losing my virginity / The first time, every time when you touch me / I make you bloom like a flower that you never seen / Under the sun we are one buzzing energy / Let's pollinate to create a family tree / This evolution with you comes naturally / Some call it science, we call it chemistry / This is the story of the birds and the bees."

As a result, we're grateful that the video isn't a literal or even figurative take on the bizarre, special needs sex-ed lesson that the song describes. Instead, it's a compilation of live, backstage and behind-the-scenes footage from Perry's 'California Dreams' tour, much of which can be seen in the trailer for her box office underwhelming 'Part of me 3D' film. The viewer is treated to shots of Perry donning a poofy dress on a treadmill, practicing her still somewhat stiff dance moves, eating cotton candy -- and she looks adorable doing all of it.

There is also footage of Perry interacting with her fans and panning out to the enormous crowds that came out to support her. One caveat to the live footage? The audio isn't synced well to Perry's lips, so the timing of the track and the footage with which its placed is often off.

Perry won't be doing any actual promotion for the single, as it's only being released Down Under and across the pond, but the video will be sent to television outlets this week. We guess Perry was serious about that "f---ing vacation." Bet John Mayer's happy about that!