The cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show take us on a trip down memory lane.

Producer Nick decided to have some more fun with Kellie, Big Al and J-Si. During one of the commercial breaks this morning he asked the cast members to look around their house real quick to find an item that takes them back to their childhood and then they would come back and describe the sentimental value of that item.

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Nick said for those watching on KiddTV, it would be 'show and tell' and for those of us listening on the radio, it would just be, 'tell'!

Thankfully here we have both - the audio and video.

J-Si finds his tiny tuxedo that was hand made by his grandfather. He tells us why it's so sentimental to him and that it's now a multi-generational mini tuxedo.

Kellie also grabs a small piece of clothing from her childhood and then describes its history.

Big Al pulls out a high school yearbook and reads some of the signatures and the words that were left behind from other students.

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