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It's another edition of 'Go Find'.

In our new normal, the cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show are still doing the show from home. The producers have come up with some pretty creative ways for us to get to know that cast a little better while they're sitting at home in their basements, home office, patio, living room or other room delivering a show to us each day.

One of the 'bits' the producers came up with is a feature called 'Go Find'. It's where a producer throws something out there that the cast members must go find in their house while a commercial break is playing.

When the commercials are done, whatever item was described the cast member has to talk about it. In today's edition Producer Nick issued the challenge of...go find your favorite tool. It could be any tool that you use in your home. After the commercial break, Big Al, Kellie, Part Time Justin, Ana and J-Si reveal their tools and there's really not a winner in this bit because it's not a contest, but there is a clear winner though! You'll know it when you hear this person describing their tool.

Listen to "Go Find... Your Favorite Tool" on Spreaker.

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