The Kidd’s Kids Send Off party is always special, but this year something really special happened. I was visiting with Claire’s family as they were grabbing a bite to eat before they boarded the plane, when her dad said something very powerful.

I’m paraphrasing his words, but speaking with great emotion, he said that the word love is powerful. He went on to say that the word hate is also meaningful. Then with tears in his eyes, he said that he wasn’t sure if the word thanks or thank you was strong enough to express what he and his wife felt.

I was really moved. He, his wife and I were all crying. I told him I thought that the words thank you meant more to the people in this hangar. All of the families attending the trip express their gratitude, and you can feel it when you’re around them.

I feel so blessed to meet each of the families when we attend each year, and so grateful to be a small part and contribute to such an amazing experience for these families.

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