If your kids are anything like mine, every time they look up into the sky right now and see anything that's not a cloud, the moon, the sun, or the stars, they think it's Santa. If they see a white tail behind an airplane, they think it must be the dust left behind by Santa's reindeer. Young kids across the globe may be hovered around a computer soon with their parents, tracking Santa's every move.

A couple of weeks ago, Amy Austin reminded us that we'll be able to track Santa today with the Official Norad Santa Tracker. How did the Santa Tracker start anyway?

It all started back in 1955 from a mistake made by Sears Roebuck & Company out of Colorado Springs. The company misprinted the phone number for kids to call Santa. Instead of reaching Santa, the kids were actually calling the then, Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD), now NORAD, Commander-in-Chief's operations "hotline."The Director of Operations at the time, must have had kids of his own, because he instructed his team to check the radar and see if Santa was on his way.

Now, whether Santa brings the requested Skylanders Giants games, Furbys, and Monster High dolls remains to be seen. But the anticipation and wonder will have 4-year olds everywhere watching the sleigh's every move. Just don't forget kids, you have to be in bed before Santa will actually slide down the chimney. Track Santa on the NORAD website. And have a Merry Christmas.