Your summer plans are probably coming together for a Texas road trip, maybe a trip overseas or just a simple week on a beach somewhere. The beach is always a great choice to take the family for a bit of relaxation. The sand between your toes, the warm sea breeze, sitting in the water letting the waves splash into you.

Yes, I wanna go now, too.

Sometimes, however, getting in the water at the beach may not be the best idea. That's why there are flags that go up everyday to give us a warning of what could be. If you're planning a beach vacation, you need to know what these flag colors mean.

Dangers in the Water

There are lots of things we have to pay attention to when setting foot into the ocean. One of those things is the animals that reside in the ocean. Sharks are certainly an issue for obvious reasons but so are jellyfish with their ability to sting us. Ocean currents are another thing we have to worry about. Rip currents are especially dangerous.

Luckily, there are ways to gather information to determine if aquatic life, ocean currents or other beach abnormalities could interfere with our vacation. Using that information, beach authorities are able to warn us using various flag colors.

Know What These Flag Colors Mean Before Heading to a Texas Beach

When visiting a beach this summer, you'll notice some different colored flags at a guard station or on the beach. Here's what those colors mean.

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Flag Warnings Online

There are ways to see which flag is flying for that day online. For instance, if you are visiting Galveston, you can go to to see which flag is flying for that day. Surfside Beach is another popular beach in Texas. The police department there will post the daily flag on their Facebook page. It is important to know these colors and check beforehand so your family can have a safe and happy day at the beach.

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