With so many people losing their jobs, and so many more barely hanging on, it's nice to see someone taking care of some of the most overworked and underappreciated people in our lives right now - grocery store workers.

Just think, a few months ago most stores were moving towards more automated check outs and stocking machines.  Now, we couldn't have enough humans working tirelessly to try and keep the shelves stocked and people moving through the checkouts.

Kroger has seen the dedication and determination in their workforce and has announced that it will not go unrewarded.  According to WCPO, the grocery giant will shell out a one time bonus to every employee working with the company before March 1st.  That bonus is reportedly $300 for full-time or $150 for part-time hourly grocery employee, supply chain, manufacturing or customer service associate.

Kroger has also reportedly changed its emergency leave guidelines, and will now allow up to 2 weeks paid leave for self-isolating workers who have had their symptoms verified by a doctor.

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