Ladies, I've recently learned a new term, and unfortunately have encountered the behavior it describes: "Mansplaining." 

It's the act of a man, who thinks he knows more than you do, talking over you. You'll be speaking, and he'll interrupt you with a condescending tone and talk over you.

Now, there's a term for it, and apparently it's not just me that has encountered this growing problem. Now, let me clarify this point. I work with a lot of guys at the radio station. They do not treat me this way. I am very blessed to work in an environment of mutual respect.

My encounters with this type of behavior have occurred outside of the workplace. Unfortunately, for some women this situation happens daily in all types of environments.

Maybe we should share these videos with the men in our lives who do treat us with respect and thank them. Who knows maybe their good behavior will start to rub on on the offenders.

If you decide to search for this term on, you'll come across a variety of definitions. Apparently, some men are utilizing the site to further their 'Mansplaining,' and turning the term into a negative feminist term that claims women are trying to silence men. Really?

Maybe we should introduce them to Emma Watson and the HeforShe campaign affiliated with the United Nations Human Rights program.

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