Lady Gaga is a favorite subject of photographer Terry Richardson. His latest batch of Mother Monster show her perched out front of a Chanel boutique in Europe, while wearing a black feathered headdress, long black cape and her signature sky high heels.

Gaga reminds us of a nefarious Disney character in her headpiece and her cloak. She did recently say that her new album ‘ARTPOP’ is inspired by Disney princesses (among other things), so in this shoot, she’s playing the role of the nemesis of the princess. At least in her attire.

Gaga also looks a wee bit like a crow, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the way she has her arms outstretched, and of course, those face-framing feathers.

Gaga is also reportedly wearing Chanel while posing outside of one of the fashion house’s stores. It’s almost as though Gaga is a new spokesmodel for the brand. If that ever happened, it would be quite a coup for both the House of Chanel and the Haus of Gaga.

We applaud Gaga for being able to pose and stand in those heels. Teetering on those things cannot be easy, but she is used to it by now and has it down to a science.

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